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Talent concept
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○ Personnel perspective
Determines the quality of people's quality of enterprises, "enterprise" to explain the meaning of the word enterprise is bound to leave the people to a halt, so people are our first fiscal This is the source and the main driver of value creation. Simply run a business operating personnel, gather the right people, and can be good, we have succeeded. Interact with the platform of talent, talent leave the platform, good only becomes mediocre; platform of talent left, sooner or later cross-platform.
○ Talents
To better achieve Jhihben value added, we are trying to provide a good environment and human resource services platform: adjust and improve the internal human resource management tools and mechanisms to enhance employee satisfaction, management effectiveness; integration of various resources to promote professional team of building and training, promoting employee career development, and ultimately enable employees to continue to grow in the enterprise, give full play to their potential, gain attention, respect and appreciation.