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Two-roll veneer reeling machine

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Two-roller plate roll is a new type roll machinery.One is steel stick,the other is the steel roll with elasticity on the outer layer.The two plates are put within and adjusted the space to touch-press-transfor the elastic roll,and thus to transform the plates partally,and spin the two rolls thus to make the plates roll until in it's shape.This machine can make this complicated procedure once and for all.It is because of its high efficiency and good appearance,easiness-to-operate.n wide use,it can produce thin wall tubes draughty tube,hot-water system,filtration,car gas-emitting gas-tub.






Input power 380V/50Hz 220V/60Hz
Rated load duration Continuous (manual/automatic)
rated power 4.5kw
Hydraulic system working pressure 1.5Mpa-12Mpa
Sheet thickness 0.5mm-3.5mm
Sheet width 100mm-2000mm
Coil diameter
φ 100mm- φ 1000mm
Plate yield strength ≤245Mpa

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