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DONGHAIQuality-oriented, customer first
The company established a sound quality management system, and resolutely implement the ISO9001: 2008 quality system principles; has improved the production, supply, sales and after-sales service system, and further improve the sales network and trademark information management, regulatory mechanisms established brand crisis, timely Product information and user feedback and market information, the first time to make a corresponding improvement measures, to ensure the interests of its clients with business interests better unify, and always adhere to the "quality of survival, service to win market corporate purposes, to ensure that 100% customer satisfaction.
Scientific management, service first, honesty
Service First: We strive to serve our customers and serve the community, serve you a foothold in our development. We not only provide high-quality physical products, but also to ensure first-class service, we have been providing customers with as much added value and dedication. Honesty: We establish the fundamental integrity of the enterprise survival and development. We always adhere to the principles of integrity, commitment, and do practical things, and trustworthy. We establish the integrity of the enterprise under market economy conditions permit, honest and trustworthy enterprises, over the formation of a good reputation, so that enterprises in a favorable position in business dealings, becoming to expand exchanges and promote cooperation passport to success. Honesty is a powerful intangible enterprise formed in the process of self-creation. Integrity as a special resource which is reflected in a number of areas of market development of enterprises, image of the shape, use of resources, finance and wealth management, is more valuable than tangible assets.
Quality Policy
Integrity management, first-class quality, people-oriented, continuous improvement.

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