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Comparison of vertical and horizontal CNC routers

Comparison of vertical and horizontal CNC routers


Comparison of vertical and horizontal CNC routers


Comparison of the advantages of vertical CNC routers and horizontal routers

According to the different viewpoints of planners, the CNC sheet metal V-groove planer is planned to have two mainstream forms: the horizontal and the vertical. The horizontal planer originated in South Korea. As an imported equipment, it is sought after by many people. After using it, many shortcomings are felt. It is due to the faulty planning concept of the equipment, which is attributed to the following aspects:

1: Accuracy advantage: The depth of the planing groove is directly related to the function of the angle. If the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending position R will be obviously different. When the vertical planer is in operation, the planer is fixed in a straight line to the table, and the interval accuracy between the tool tip and the table is controlled at a scale of 0.02mm. When the horizontal planer is working, the knife faces the accuracy of a platform with a width of 1.5 meters and a length of more than 4 meters. It is difficult to control the scale of 0.1mm.

2: Power consumption: When the vertical router is planing, the tool rest part reciprocates, and its weight is about 60kg. When the horizontal router is planing, the gantry and the tool rest part reciprocate together, and its weight is 1000kg. About, its energy consumption is more than 10 times that of the vertical router, so the vertical router is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment.

3: Advantages of processing scale: The vertical grooving machine has more than a dozen independent pressing plates and more than a dozen independent clamps to actively clamp the sheet, no matter the size of the sheet, it is easy to process, and it can be grooved in both horizontal and vertical directions. Small workpieces are 80* 80mm. Horizontal grooving machine is only for large-sheet grooving. After grooving longitudinally, the grooving cannot be horizontally clamped due to deformation of the sheet material.

4: Advantages of the processing technology: The work surface of the vertical groover is made of high-quality mold steel after heat treatment. The work surface of the horizontal planer is made of general iron plate welding. The stainless steel plate is harder than it, and the shredder, damaged blades, etc. make the table pits and bumps. This is the reason why the processed product is spotted.

5: Advantages of the device: The vertical slotting machine is welded by steel plates, with high strength, stable and quiet operation. It can operate stably by placing the leveling device on a flat and strong concrete floor, and it is very convenient for moving and hoisting. Due to the high-speed operation of the horizontal planer, the impact force is large, and the platform needs to be adjusted.

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