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The difference between vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine

The difference between vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine


The difference between vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine


The application range of milling machines is very wide. According to the direction of the milling cutter and the spindle, it can be divided into vertical milling machines and horizontal milling. Vertical milling machines are suitable for processing various parts of planes, bevels, grooves, holes, etc., and horizontal milling is mostly used for gears. , Spline, grooving, cutting and other processing, vertical milling machines are mostly used for plane processing, and the plane has high and low curved and straight geometry workpieces, such as molds, and vertical milling can show their talents.

Compared with horizontal milling machines, the main difference between vertical milling machines and horizontal milling machines is that the main shaft is arranged vertically. In addition to the main shaft arrangement, the worktable can be raised and lowered. The milling cutters used in vertical milling machines are relatively flexible and have a wider range of applications. End mills, machine clamps, drills, etc. can be used. It can mill keyways, mill planes, boring holes, etc.

Horizontal milling machine can also use all the above tools, but it is not as convenient as vertical milling. The main feature is that the hanger can be used to enhance the strength of the tools (mainly three-sided edge milling cutters, sheet milling cutters, etc.). It can mill grooves, mill planes, cut off, etc. Horizontal milling machines generally have an end milling head. Although the function and rigidity of this end milling head is not as powerful as that of a vertical milling machine, it is sufficient for end milling processing. This makes the overall function of the horizontal milling machine stronger than that of the vertical milling machine. Vertical milling machines do not have this feature and cannot process workpieces suitable for horizontal milling, but the productivity is higher than that of horizontal milling machines.

In addition, because of the more uses of end milling, this type of horizontal milling machine + end milling head is actually hanging the end milling head every day. When it is used for end milling, it is not as suitable as a vertical milling machine.

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